Dear Internet

I am a young adult living in North Carolina. I moved here after serving as a direct action coordinator during the Occupy movement, after working as a founding member of Sedazad, a group which develops counter-surveillance and counter-censorship technology, first started in response to the Iranian Green Revolution in 2009.

My experiences with technology and its relevance to communication have led me to believe in the merits of an open exchange of information. This belief has motivated me to begin releasing my work as open-source repositories.

This work is focused on soft technologies, such as process management and project coordination.

I want to contribute to other projects which align with my interests. This includes helping businesses with their technical processes or operational standards. I am also available for remote media appearances.

If you are interested in contacting me, send an email. If you are interested in contributing to my independent work, you may make a one-time or recurring contribution.

Thank you for reading,
This letter was last updated June 18th, 2018.