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Dear Internet

My name is emsenn. Recently, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about my relationship with computers. I'm still uncertain about a lot, but I have come to believe concepts like ownership and agency are important in digital spaces.

Motivated by those beliefs, I've begun to change how I use the Internet. I'm still figuring things out, but this website is one part of my change. It is a simple file, stored on a simple server that I own and operate.

I've also changed how I communicate through the Internet. At present, I am limiting myself to using email. If you wish to reach me, please use the contact form, or send me an email.

The rest of this site contains information about me, and the projects I'm working on.

Thank you for visiting,



Occurrences A framework for open-source content milling.
Occurrences will be a library & process for implementing a for-profit content mill.
Psalms to the Moon Poems for a bad relationship.
Psalms to the Moon is a book of short poems I wrote and released in 2015. It is currently available on Amazon in digital and paperback format. If you contact me I will gladly send you a free digital copy.
Teraum A satirical fantasy built with friends.
Teraum is a fantasy world created through collaborative storytelling (using the Brave Old World system.) It started as my personal fantasy world, but over the years has been shaped more by role-playing sessions than deliberate storytelling. I plan to open the project up, to let more people contribute to the canon.


The Delvers An improvised adventure podcast.
A podcast of an improvised adventure set in Teraum, a satirical fantasy world. Coming next year, but you can listen to the teaser pilot.


Fyreside A collectible card game for chat rooms.
Fyreside will be a collectible card game that is played inside existing communication channels.
Brave Old World Rules for telling stories with friends.
Brave Old World will be a set of rules for telling stories with friends.
Spaceland A romance with a strange dimension.
Spaceland will be a back-to-basics MMO.
Starhopper A race to save humanity.
In Starhopper, you will command an interstellar fleet searching for a new home after Earth's unfortunate destruction.
You Are Conscious An exploration of emergent philosophy.
Learn how philosophical systems evolve as an artificial intelligence tasked with making widgets.


FOSS-in-a-Box Boilerplate for philosophically open-source software.
FOSS-in-a-Box will be boilerplate for creating philosophically open-source projects.
ATOM Atomic Task Organization Method
ATOM will be a standard for recording what needs to be done that will be useful regardless of one's personal task or project management system.
qtMUD An engine for building worlds.
qtMUD will be an engine for creating MUDs, multi-user dungeons, an early form of MMORPG.


Coming soon!


Please send an email to emsenn@emsenn.net or call +1-(814)-367-3660.